Mia's parents lived in Taiwan when her father was in the Air Force. They adopted Mia as an infant.  Her family of three generations still live in SeaTac and her daughter Alexis is graduating from the University of Washington this year.  Mia attended and graduated from the Tukwila School District, Highline College and the University of Washington.   Professionally she chose to work in the dental field for over 20 years.   Mia started her public service career when she was elected to the SeaTac City Council in 2008 and served as Mayor of SeaTac.  In December 2013,  she was appointed to the State House of Representatives to serve the constituents of the 33rd Legislative District in 2013 where she continues to serve.

It doesn't take much time to know that Mia's passion is around serving her community.  She spends much of her time connecting with communities to learn about their local issues.  This requires a lot of listening and dedication to long hours of service.  What doesn't seem to waiver is her ability to serve in the State Legislator effectively.  She has been successful  in passing many bills in to law and she serves as a vice chair on two committees.  Committees are where bills are introduced and either move or are not brought forward.  She is keen on policies that will help not hurt the residents of Washington, this is why we need to help keep her in office. 

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends all over the state.  She loves the outdoors, going to the Matt Griffin YMCA and working in the yard.

Please join us  in supporting Mia this year in a successful re-election campaign.  There are several ways you can help get involved.  You can donate to the campaign so we can pay for web sites, literature, phone banking and signs.  You can donate time by doorbelling and making phone calls.  If you have another idea as to how you can help, let us know!